Square Valve System
"Repair, Replace, or Switch Under Pressure"

The Square Valve allows switching between an orifice plate and a stop gate without a system shut down
Current Materials include: carbon steel, stainless steel, plastics, composites and exotics.
Current Coatings include: fusion, paints, teflon, polyurethanes and glass.
Current Max Pressure ratings: - 285 PSI / 20 bar - American & British Standards.
Higher pressure ratings available. International patents pending
Square Flange™ Tapping Valve Info SheetSquare Valve System
Square Flange™ System
Square Valve Pipeline Sizes
Size A B C
12” 19” 4” 23”
14” 21” 4” 25”
16” 23 1/2” 4 1/2” 27 1/2”
18” 25 1/2” 5” 29 1/2”
20” 27 1/2” 5” 31 1/2”
24” 32” 6” 36”
30” 38 3/4” 7” 42 3/4”
36” 46” 8” 50”
42” 53” 9” 57”
Square Valve can be installed during construction or used to perform a hottap connection without leaving a permanent valve. Other options include tapping for odd ported valves such as a plug-valve or butterfly valve, or to provide a repairable/replaceable butterfly valve known as the Square Valve Butterfly. Square Valve Butterfly valves allow for a conventional butterfly valve to be pulled and replaced without depressurizing the critical system.

Square Valve
Butterfly is available through 42”, allowing for future butterfly replacements, without a shut down, or depressurization of product.

Service Locations: Southern & Northern California, Nashville-TN, Baltimore-MD, Anchorage-AK, Panama City-FL
Square Valve in actionSquare Valve:  • 12” through 42” ANSI 125/150 and ANSI 300 - bolt patterns
 • Offered in 50 PSI, 100 psi, 150 psi., 250 psi. working pressures (on most sizes)
 • Lowest height possible for any connection.
 • Drastically reduces tonnage hanging off your pipeline when compared to gate and plug valves.
 • Safest way to tap PCCP “thin-wall pipe” by reducing weights and stress at hot tap locations.
 • Offers Isolation point in the future without expensive valves.
 • Offers Isolation point for laterals without expensive valves being left.
 • Full-flow Orifice-plate for unrestricted passage of product or a reduced port Orifice-plate to provide throttling.
 • Available ASTM-516 or ASTM A-36 Carbon steel, 304 / 316 Stainless steel or Fiberglass reinforced plastic.
 • Teflon, Fusion or Glass-lined Orifice-plate will not allow product to settle, stays clean and dependable for years to come.
 • Allows Hot tapping of existing systems without the need to leave a permanent valve.
 • Allows Hot tapping of existing systems to add non round ported valves such as Butterfly valves.
 • Allows removal of lateral Butterfly valves without disruption to main feeder system.
 • Patents Pending

The Square Flange™ is a Long Term Isolation Point

"Our patented design allows internal surfaces to be free of corrosive fluid, giving them very long life.”

Jeff Maichel, IFT